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Don't Shit Your Pants: A survival horror game

2010-07-04 13:24:06 by tazaryoot

I just finished playing Don't Shit Your Pants a survival horror (humor) game. I have to say although it was short it was definitely entertaining and a very good example of a creative idea being applied to an old medium. The style reminded me a lot of I wish I were the Moon. A creative idea created using 8bit art and containing multiple endings. In short it was a very well created game that should be played through, it won't take you too long but it's well worth it.

Don't Shit Your Pants: A survival horror game


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2010-07-04 13:39:24

I love that game. It should have been on NG years ago.

tazaryoot responds:

Agreed. It's a lot of fun :D
Did you unlock everything?